How is Spotify Using the OpenAI to Make the next level AI DJ right into your pocket? Let's know together.

Spotify is reinventing AI to create an innovation.

The DJ is an AI advisor that understands you and your music choice.

It will filter through the current songs and revisit some of your old favorites—maybe even that tune you haven't heard in years.

Listening and telling the DJ what you like (and don't like) improves its suggestions.

Listening has never felt so personal to each user because to the potent mix of -

Spotify’s personalization technology, Generative  AI & A dynamic AI voice

DJ launches in English today for Spotify Premium customers in the US and Canada.

Steps to find DJ are -

1 - In your iOS or Android Spotify app, go to Home > Music Feed. 2 - DJ card: Play. 3 - Spotify will finish! The DJ will play a customized playlist with a brief commentary on the songs and musicians. 4 - Uninspired? To switch genres, artists, or moods, use the DJ button in the bottom right.

Read the whole article on Spotify's AI DJ on their official Newsroom. Click the link below to read the article.