All We Know About Super Mario Bros Movie Nintendo Direct

Nintendo will host a Super Mario Bros. Movie-focused Direct on March 9.

This newly announced Direct will include Illumination and Nintendo's "final trailer" at 2pm PT/10pm GMT (9th March) /8am AET (10th March). Nintendo's Direct won't cover games again.

The film premieres in the UK and North America in April, but depending on where you live, you may get to watch it sooner or later.

This Nintendo Direct will not offer game details, Nintendo tweeted. So the Mario game wait continues!

Mario races on Rainbow Road with a blue shell in the teaser image.

While Nintendo usually announces and promotes Mario-related products on MAR10 Day, this broadcast's March 9 date is unexpected.

With the Mario movie approaching, fans are anticipating something big on MAR10 Day, and whispers of a new Switch package have been circulating for a week.